What we believe

Our Story:

DCOG was established over 60 years ago. What started as a small church, quickly began to grow as its members tried to leave a lasting impact on the local community. We have been blessed with multiple buildings that sits on over 30 acres of land, and continues to be a part of an ever growing community. For the past several years we have hosted both a Boys & Girls Club along with a thriving Christian school. Our anthem is John 13:35. We believe that by loving on our community, God’s light will shine.

What to Expect:

When you walk through the doors of DCOG, you will find a mix of tradition and contemporary. We have two worship services on Sunday at 9am and 6pm. Our morning worship service consists of prayer, worship, and a relevant message that all can understand. We are blessed to be a multi-cultural church, so that our evening service is completely Bilingual. We believe that upon visiting DCOG, you will be welcomed and pray, that we may become more than just a visit, but your home.

Meet Our Staff:
Lead Pastors: Alan & Janis Greijack
Associate Pastor: Keith & Betty Harmon
Spanish speaking congregation Pastors Enrique & Kerri Avalos
Children and Youth Pastors Kenny and Carla Lewis
Office Administrator : Judy Smith
Financial Administrator: Chanell Singh